Improve Circulation

Improving poor circulation in feet is a fairly easy process for the most part. The first step in any attempt to improve your circulation should be through observing lifestyle changes. If those changes do not improve your condition, you should see a doctor.


Steps to take to improve circulation:

Cut out cigarettes: Smoking is incredibly harmful for your circulatory system. If you’re smoking and are experiencing symptoms of poor circulation in your feet, cut the smokes and the problems may go away.

Easy does it: A little alcohol can be a good for your blood, especially red wine. However, excessive alcohol intake can be harmful so if you’re drinking too much, cut back.

Kick back and Relax: Stress less and it will loosen up your entire system, including helping your blood flow.

Get some exercise: Just a little bit of exercise done regularly is really good for circulation to your feet. Remember that you muscles in your legs, not your heart, are helping to push that used blood back up to your ticker.

Move about: Working from the same principle as exercise, if you’re working long days standing still or sitting down you may experience tingling or aching in your feet and legs. Moving around every once in a while should take care of it. Just don’t get up to have a cigarette. If you’re on a plane and you have bad circulation in feet, make sure you move about, especially on those long haul flights.

Change Your Diet: There are plenty of foods that are incredibly beneficial for improving circulation. Try adding ginger, garlic, cayenne and ginkgo biloba capsules to supplement your meals. All four of those are proven winners when it comes to improving poor circulation in feet. If you can’t afford to shell out for that stuff, just buy some garlic and ginger and add it to your meals and make ginger tea with some sliced ginger and honey or lemon (or all three).

Meditation: Okay, stay with me here. Methods, such as Qigong (also known as Chi Kung), which works by using your mind and body to manipulate energy have shown huge benefits, not just for circulation but also for health. Think about this. If the Shaolin monks can use qigong to dry wet, ice cold shirts while on their backs, it can work wonders for your cold and aching feet.

Sit in the position as picture and focus on your breath.

Wear It: You can now get circulation socks, also known as compression socks or stockings. They come in both men’s and women’s styles as well as unisex brands. They’re absolutely fantastic for people who have to stand for hours at work and help the body to pump the blood back up to the heart, preventing excessive blood and fluid build up in the legs and feet.


Massage: You can do the job your muscles do by manually massaging your feet and legs. It’s a great way to get the blood moving and although won’t cure you, will certainly help when your feet begin to ache and freeze. You can even get specially made foot massage machines designed to improve circulation in the feet and legs.



Use a combination of these and watch your cicirculation problems drift away.